Services for People with Disabilities in Utah

Services for People with Disabilities in Utah

There are many different places to access services for people with disabilities in Utah. Whether you’re navigating care for someone born with a developmental disability, an acquired disability, or an aging senior, there are many resources out there to help individuals get the things they need.

Services for People with Disabilities in Utah

When looking for services for people with disabilities in Utah it’s important to know which organizations serve which individuals with which disabilities. It can all feel like a lot of information when you’re just getting started but these services are all geared toward the empowerment of individuals with disabilities and ultimately want to put the resources they need to succeed in their hands.

Utah Parent Center:

The Utah Parent Center works to help tie families who are impacted by disability whether it be for their young or adult children to the resources they need in order for their loved on to thrive. They can help connect you to adaptive recreation, advocate for medicaid waivers, sit in on school IEP meetings and so much more. If you ever have a question about anything in Utah around the world of disability, this should be your first place to look.

Services for People with Disabilities in Utah


DSPD is the Department of Services for People with Disabilities. This department services a variety of disability medicaid waivers in the state of Utah. if you have a loved one with a physical or intellectual disability, a medically complex child, or a loved one with an acquired brain injury, check with DSPD to see if you are eligible for services. These waivers are often NOT income dependent, meaning they don’t qualify you based on your income. These is a great way to secure medicaid for an individual with a disability that helps cover doctor visits, therapy appointments, and even gives you access to caregiving services through agencies such as

Brain Injury Alliance of Utah:

The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah works to connect families to resources as they enter a new phase of life while navigating a brain injury with their loved one. They aim to connect families to Medicaid services and other valuable resources.

Services for People with Disabilities in Utah

Learning Disabilities Association of Utah:

The Learning Disabilities Association of Utah connects parents to a wide variety of testing options, resources of children and adults with learning disabilities, and how to navigate general life needs as a parent who is navigating this with their child. They have many resources available on their website but are available for direct support as well.

Utah Assistive Technology Program:

This program puts assistive devices into the hands of individuals with disabilities to help them better access and communicate with the world around them. Most often this looks like AAC communication devices, or iPads to help with communication as well. aims to be the number one disability caregiving provider in the state of Utah. We service clients on the DSPD waiver who have multiple codes such as chores, supported living, day supports, respite, and more. We hope to be able to navigate anyone who reaches out to us with the support and resources they need to provide quality care for their loved one with a disability.

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