3 Reasons to Choose Giv.care as your Caregiving Agency

Problems with Home Care Agencies

There are several pain points in the caregiving industry that Giv.care has worked to mitigate since we opened our doors in 2021. Our business model has allowed us to fix some of these common issues to provide a better experience for clients and caregivers. If you’re looking for a new caregiving agency in Utah, here are three reasons to choose Giv.care.

Our Caregiving Agency has Zero Employee Turnover:

The caregiving industry typically has high employee turnover. This can be for several reasons, but often caregivers feel like they didn’t know what they were getting into when they started caregiving. Some caregivers find they weren’t prepared for the stress that would come with working with an individual with complex needs. Often people will get into caregiving when they’re in-between jobs, career, school, etc…

For the families this means they’re often having to train new people to work with their loved one who needs care. They have a high rotation of people coming in and out of their home on a regular basis, and they’re constantly having to meet new people and trust that they’re going to do well with their loved one.

Giv.care puts an end to a lot of this headache. By choosing Giv.care, families bring their own caregivers (friends, family, neighbors, etc…) to us, we hire them as our employees, get them setup within our caregiving app, and families schedule shifts with their caregivers. They know exactly who is going to be at their home, when they’re going to be there, and they know the caregiver already has rapport with the person receiving care.

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Our Caregiving Agency is Streamlined through an App:

The unique thing about Giv.care is that our caregiving agency is primarily focused around an app for caregivers, clients, and support coordinators. The clients schedule their shifts they need covered into their app, the caregiver is able to see the schedule in their app, and the support coordinators are able to communicate between the two parties through their app. It means that there is little interference and involvement from the caregiving agency itself, and the caregivers and clients are able to manage most of the day-to-day needs on their own.

Once shifts are complete, the app sends this information to Giv.care where we as a company bill insurance, get reimbursed through the state, and pay caregivers on a weekly basis. This model has proven to work really well for caregivers and clients. Since opening our doors in 2022 we have worked almost 7,000 shifts with only two no-shows. This is typically unheard of for this industry.

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Caregivers Make $24/hr with Giv.Care:

The average caregiver in the state of Utah makes about $16-18/hour. At Giv.care our caregivers are paid $24/hour. We’re able to do this because of everything being coordinated through our mobile app. It means that we have less overhead than a traditional caregiving agency, and we’re able to pass those savings onto the caregivers.

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