Outdoor Activities for Disabled Adults

outdoor activities for disabled adults

Getting outside might be a challenge if you or someone you know has a disability. There are many outdoor activities for disabled adults that can provide plenty of recreation without spending a lot of money or being overly complicated. 

Accessible Hiking Trails:

There are many accessible hiking trails available in most regions of the United States. If you happen to live near one of the United States National Parks, you can easily find an accessible hike to do! The National Parks even have Lifetime Access Passes available for individuals with disabilities so that the person and whoever is accompanying them can enter the park for free. This can help provide so many great opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. For more information on registering for a Lifetime Access Pass, click here.

Outdoor Activities for Disabled Adults


Camping is a great activity for everyone! Most campgrounds have accessible sites available that tend to be flatter with less rocks than other sites, and typically you’re able to reserve these sites ahead of time to make planning ahead easier. Camping is great because it gives you a complete getaway into the outdoors, the physical demands can be as light or intense as you want them to be, and depending on where you’re camping there could be hiking or water opportunities as well. 

When looking for accessible camping equipment, consider the individual that will be using the equipment and what features are available. Can the individual get into the tent with their wheelchair? Is there a place inside the tent to store the wheelchair so that it’s protected from the weather? These are all great things to consider when purchasing camping equipment. 

Plan a Day at the Beach: 

While the beach might not be your first thought for an easy day outside, beaches are becoming more and more accessible than you would think. Before heading out do a quick google search for an accessible beach closest to you (oceans will probably be better than your local lake, but give that a try too!) Many oceanside beaches are becoming more inclusive with wheelchair beach mats that make an easy access point for a wheelchair user to get down to the water. Lifeguard stations are often equipped with beach wheelchairs that are easy to push on the sand and float in the water. If the beach is something that you want to do often, you can even invest in your own floating wheelchair so you’ll never be without one! They can be used in all bodies of water, but always have someone with the user to ensure safety. 

Outdoor Activities for Disabled Adults
Outdoor Activities for Disabled Adults

Lawn Games: 

Lawn games are a great way to have inclusive fun with a large group of people. Many of these activities can be done from a seated position such as ring toss, corn hole, horseshoes and ladder toss. These can be a great activities to do during family reunions and large group gatherings than can easily be inclusive for all individuals. 

Utah Adaptive Recreation:

If you’re local to Utah and looking for organizations that can help with adaptive recreation needs, we have four great options available to help get you or your loved ones outdoors.

These organizations can help provide the equipment for the activity you’re trying to participate in, along with providing trained instructors to help you have a successful outing. These are great organizations to tap into if you’re looking to do something adventurous such as skiing, hiking, water rafting, etc… 

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