Utah Disability Medicaid: DSPD Waivers Explained

utah disability medicaid

Utah disability medicaid is broken up into several different sections through the Department of Services for People with Disabilities. They have different waiver programs individuals can apply for based on the needs and type of disability the individual might have.

Utah Disability Medicaid:

Disability Medicaid in Utah is funded through the state Department of Services for People with Disabilities or DSPD. DSPD has many different waiver options that individuals can apply for based on the needs, level of care, and type of disability that the individual has.

There is often a long wait list for these services, and individuals are pulled off the waitlist in a needs based order. So someone with higher needs will be pulled from the list sooner than someone who has less needs. These are all weighted with a point system within medicaid and points are given based on assessments and questionaires filled our by guardians that describe the physical, intellectual, emotional, and behavioral needs of the potential client.

utah disability medicaid

Medicaid Waivers for People with Disabilities in Utah:

There are many different types of medicaid waivers available in the state of Utah for individuals who need these services. The types of waivers available are:

  • Community Supports Waiver
  • Acquired Brain Injury Waiver
  • Physical Disability Waiver
  • Community Transitions Waiver
  • Limited Supports Waiver
utah disability medicaid

Other Medicaid Waivers Available:

There are additional waivers available for again children, adults, and other circumstances that are funded through the Utah Department of Health, rather than the Department of Services for People with Disabilities. These waivers are meant to either bridge people with medicaid benefits while on the waitlist for DSPD, or to fill other gaps currently not provided through the DSPD Medicaid waivers.

  • Medically Complex Children’s Waiver
  • Aging Waiver
  • New Choices Waiver
  • Technology Dependent Waiver

For more information on these Utah Department of Health waivers, and all DSPD waivers, please see this website description.

utah disability medicaid

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