Adaptive Skiing Utah

Adaptive Skiing Utah

Adaptive skiing Utah: our complete resource guide for identifying accessible ski resorts, getting in contact with these programs, and finding the best fit for an individual with disabilities to ski this winter.

Best Ski Resorts for Skiing with Disabilities:

If you’re local to the state of Utah (where is headquartered!), many of our amazing ski resorts offer adaptive skiing programs. They provide all the equipment and skilled instructors; you simply need to schedule a time and show up! Some great resorts in Utah that provide these services are:

Adaptive Skiing Utah

Considerations for Adaptive Skiing:

There are many things to consider when looking to participate in adaptive skiing. Individuals with disabilities often have a lower threshold of immunity than people without disabilities, meaning they get sick easier than the general population. When a dormant virus is in someone’s body and that person goes out into the cold for activities such as skiing that dormant virus can become activated making that person become sick a lot easier than an individual without disabilities.

When going skiing or participating in any winter sport it is important to make sure that the individuals dress properly. Someone with disabilities might want to consider dressing even warmer than someone without disabilities to ensure that they do not get sick. This could look like wearing a heavier winter jacket, warmer gloves, and making sure that their skin is not exposed to any cold air or wet snow. individuals with disabilities may also want to consider taking more frequent breaks during their ski day to get the rest they need, and to warm up as needed to prevent injury or illness.

Adaptive Skiing Utah

Instructors for Adaptive Skiing:

When skiing with an individual with disabilities you want to make sure that you have a trained instructor showing you everything that you need to do. If you were taking someone who has a disability skiing for the first time, don’t assume that you have all the knowledge you need to keep that person safe. Listen to trained instructors at the local ski resorts, and follow their instructions completely. They are trained and licensed, and know how to keep your loved ones safe.

Types of Adaptive Skiing for People with Disabilities:

There are all different kinds of adaptive skiing. It is not just for people with physical disabilities. There are ski instructors who are trained to work with members of the blind community, and they’re able to help guide them down the mountain in the safe and effective way. There are instructors who are highly trained in working with individuals with autism who may have various sensory needs to help them safely navigate the mountain terrain. Adaptive skiing is very vast and encompasses all different types of disabilities. Don’t assume that adapted seeing is only for people with physical disabilities.

Adaptive Skiing Utah

Shriner’s Hospital Patients Ski for Free!

Shriner’s Hospital in Salt Lake City has had a program the last several years where they will take their patients skiing with the National Ability Center for one day each winter. If your child or loved one is a patient at Shriner’s Hospital, reach out to their therapeutic recreation team to get the latest information on their ski dates for the upcoming season.

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