Different Kinds of Caregivers

Different Kinds of Caregivers

At giv.care there are three different kinds of caregivers that we hire to care for individuals with disabilities that we serve within our caregiving agency. These caregivers are all highly trained and educated in caregiving, and the option that works best for the client is often dependent upon a variety of factors in each situation.

The Three Different Kinds of Caregivers:

There are three different kinds of caregivers that we hire. We encourage the clients who need care to seek out their own caregivers, and then we hire them onto our staff and then pay the caregiver that the family handpicked to care for their loved one. These caregivers are often either parents, family members of the person needing care, or friends that know the family. We’ve found that these individuals are the most qualified to care for the client because they know the client best and are the most familiar with their needs as an individual.

Caregiver Compensation and Caregiving:

Caregiver compensation was a product of the covid-19 pandemic. When we were in lockdown caregivers were no longer able to come in and out of families homes all the time, especially in an industry where we’re working with individuals with chronic medical conditions. As a result the State of Utah funded caregiver compensation so that the primary caregivers for these individuals could be paid to provide the care that their loved one needed without having to have other people come into the home.

It is said that caregiver compensation is going to end in June of 2023, and from there families that are currently using this model will have six months to find a new caregiver for their loved one. Options for this would be hiring a friend or another family member to continue providing care for the client.

Our hope is that caregiver compensation will continue and that families will still be able to utilize this part of caregiving that has been life changing for a lot of people who use the giv.care model.

How to Know Which Caregiver is Right for You?

If you’re a parent and are trying to find a caregiver for your loved one you have a lot of options. If you’re already working full-time in a job/career that you like and want to continue working that job, hiring another family member or a friend might be the best caregiver fit for you.

If you’re not currently working and would like to make money providing care for your child and fulfilling a role that you’re already doing, caregiver compensation could be a great fit for your family and your situation.

All caregivers through giv.care whether they do caregiver compensation or not, are paid $24/hr. This is the standard flat rate we pay and we’ve found that it’s the highest rate in the State of Utah and helps caregivers stay invested in caregiving.

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