Christmas Crafts for Adults with Disabilities

christmas crafts for adults with disabilities

If you’re a caregiver for an adult with disabilities and are looking for some Christmas crafts and activities this holiday season, these 5 Christmas crafts for adults with disabilities will be a great activity to do over the next few weeks!

Christmas Crafts for Adults with Disabilities:

Crafts are a great activity to do with adults with intellectual disabilities. They work on so many great skills such as motor planning, fine motor skills, executive functioning, and so much more. Crafts are also just fun and enjoyable for most people! These activities can easily be done on caregiving shifts over the next few weeks, they can be great group home activities, or day program activities as well. The more friends involved, the merrier!

christmas crafts for adults with disabilities

Decorate Your Own Christmas Ornament Maker:

These ornament machines originally came out a few years ago to decorate easter eggs, and now they have a Christmas version. Essentially, you put the bulb into the machine and turn it on. The bulb spins super fast and you use markers to make cool designs on the ornaments while it spins. The kit comes with three ornaments and eight markers. You can purchase more bulbs separately.

Beaded Ornament Kit:

This beaded ornament kit allows you to make several wreath and candy cane ornaments. The beads get strung onto pipe cleaners which is great because the beads typically won’t slide off. Often times individuals who struggle with their fine motor skills can become frustrated when beads easily slide off the back end of a ribbon while they’re trying to string them. The pipe cleaners help make this easier and remove some frustration!

DIY Snowman Kit:

This kit comes with enough modeling clay to make 12 snowmen and dress them up in a variety of fun accessories. This would be a fun group project to work on where everyone gets to make their own snowman.

LED Christmas House Kit:

These Christmas houses are kind of like gingerbread houses but way less messy and a lot cooler (in our humble opinion.) They’re mini wood houses that easily get assembled together and then they have a colored light inside. They look like a fun lit up Christmas cottage when everything is said and done. If you want to take the project to the next level, you can even paint the houses when you’re done.

Christmas Window Art Kit:

These DIY window art kits are super fun for the holiday season. The kit comes with lots of different shapes such as snowmen, reindeer, gingerbread men and more! Paint them on a caregiving shift and then hang them up near a window and you can watch the sun make fun colors on the glass when it shines through them.

We hope these Christmas crafts provide some fun caregiving activities over the next few weeks! Be sure to tag us in some pictures on instagram with the handle so we can join in on the fun with you!

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